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JS7 ships with an Open Source License and a Commercial License, for details see see the JS7 - License article.

  • There is no license expiration if the Open Source License is used.
  • Commercial licenses can expire, for example in case of annual subscriptions.


  • Controller
    • A Standalone Controller can be operated with an Open Source License and with a Commercial License.
      • If the Commercial License expires then the license key can be removed from the Controller and the Controller can be restarted to continue with the Open Source License.
      • This includes to continue continuing any orders running with Standalone Agents.
    • A Controller Cluster can only be operated with a Commercial License only.
      • If the Commercial License expires then a Controller Cluster stops will stop working. A Controller Cluster cannot be migrated. Instead, a Standalone Controller has to be installed.
      • This includes meanss that a new journal is used by the Standalone Controller and that submitted orders are will be lost. Workflows and related objects still can be re-deployed from JOC Cockpit.
  • Agents
    • Standalone Agents will continue to work with a Standalone Controller if the Controller's license file is removed.
    • Cluster Agents will stop working if no valid Commercial License is in place with the Controller. This applies to both use of a Standalone Controller and of a Controller Cluster.
  • JOC Cockpit
    • A Standalone JOC Cockpit instance can be operated with or without a Commercial License.
    • A JOC Cockpit Cluster stops will stop working if a Commercial License is expiredexpires. No automated fail-over and no manual switch-over of JOC Cockpit instances are is available.

License Check

On start-up of Controller and JOC Cockpit instances a license check is performed. Users can click the JS7 logo that is available from the upper left hand upper part of any JOC Cockpit view.


  • License Type: Open Source License / Commercial License.
    • The Check License link can be clicked to force a license check and to update information in this window.
  • License Validity: Start date and expiration date of a Commercial License. There is no validity period for the Open Source License.
  • JOC Cockpit: the release information of JOC Cockpit including build number, release number and release date.

The license check considers takes account of the availability of license key files in the JETTY_BASE/resources/joc/license directory.

  • The directory can hold a number of license keys that are added from *.pem certificate files.
  • During a license check the JOC Cockpit will apply the license key that is valid for the current date and that which specifies an the expiration date that is furthest in the future.
    • Users can add a license file to the indicated directory and can use the Check License link to force a license check.
    • A number of license files can be present in this directory. License files with newer license keys can be copied to this directory and will be applied with the next license check either on startup of the JOC Cockpit or by use of the Check License link.
  • If no a license file is not found in the indicated directory then use of the Open Source License is assumed.


If a license exceeds its expiration date then this is displayed from in a red popup window in the lower right hand lower part of JOC Cockpit views.


  • The Manage Controllers/Agents page does will not offerto manage allow:
    • management of Controller Clusters,
    • to manage management of Agent Clusters.
  • Standalone Agents can still be managed from the JOC Cockpit. However, a Controller configured for cluster operation will deny to not perform any operation operations on Agents.

What to do if the License Key did expire?