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Administrators are, however, free to specify an alternative location for their JobScheduler log files. In this situation, to ensure that the JOC Cockpit is able to find the alternative log file location, we recommend that administrators do not change the log_dir parameter in the factory.ini file but create a SymLink pointing to the new log directory in place of the default folder specified by the log_dir parameter. The JOC cockpit will then look at the default log file location and follow the SymLink to the new location.

To Configure a Custom Log File location on Windows:

  • Stop the JobScheduler Master (to allow the original logs folder to be moved/deleted/renamed)
  • Move/delete/rename the original logs folder
  • Open a command prompt window (with some Windows installations Administrator rights may be necessary)
    • Navigate to the current location of the logs folder
    • Enter: mklink /D logs Target
      • where Target is the new name/location (absolute or relative) of the logs directory
  • Start the JobScheduler Master

Note that on some Unix systems a SymLink in the ${SCHEDULER_DATA}/logs folder may lead to another location such as /var/logs/sos.